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Laser Therapy for Diabetic Foot Ulcerations

Type II diabetics are often well-warned by their doctors to care for their feet! Having high blood sugar puts them at increased risk of slow healing of small wounds and blisters on feet. In the worst case, these wounds fester and result in infected ulcerations. Here we look at what laser therapy can offer the diabetic foot.

Diabetes is a lifestyle disease, and absolutely thriving in our modern era of convenience. However, being that lifestyle factors are a key root cause of diabetes, natural approaches that focus on dietary and lifestyle habits can have significant impact on disease progression!

Once you’ve got the disease, however, it often seems you can never quite get a handle on the proper treatment required to correct your diabetes for good. As evolving signs and symptoms require ever new treatment measures the consistent effort required to keep up with all the changes can start to become a daunting task. It often seems that the controlled condition requires more and more strategies to keep sugars “in-check”.

The diabetic foot is kind of the ‘“poster child’’ of diabetes run amuk.  It’s often a feature of late stage diabetes. It presents with what’s called “peripheral neuropathy”, a combination of sharp pains in feet both walking and sometimes at rest, decreased sensation to temperature changes and other stimuli, foot cramps, muscle weakness, loss of balance and coordination, etc. Wound healing of a foot in this condition is extremely slow. Simple small cuts and blisters often fester into ulcers, infections and, at worst proceeds to gangrene and amputation. This is not a joke, diabetes is the number one underlying reason for amputation of distal limbs in developed countries. And it’s not pretty at all.

So, it’s kind of exciting to know that recent and on-going clinical research supports the use of low intensity infrared laser as a treatment for diabetic peripheral neuropathy, aka the diabetic foot! Laser improves nerve conduction by increasing local circulation and decreasing inflammation. This results in pain relief, improved sensation, strength and balance.

At our clinic, Dr. Laura Nurse, ND (a Naturopathic Doctor) is the first point of contact if you need help preventing the potential, or managing the existing symptoms of diabetes and peripheral neuropathy. She can also help you address the complicated (and sometimes confusing!) strategies for improving your blood sugars, by bringing it all together and coaching you along in making the right changes.

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