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Massage Therapy: Count its Benefits!

We all know that massage therapy has wonderful, feel-good benefits for the whole body and the spirit; we may not realize its value for overall health. To refresh our collective memories, here are some excellent reasons to schedule your massage today:

Stress Relief

One can not underestimate the value of hands-on touch.  Regular massage reduces stress, promotes a healthier lifestyle and helps combat daily pressures and anxiety. It lowers heart rate, blood pressure and releases endorphins, our feel-good hormones.

 Eases Neck and Back Tension

In life, our bodies conform to our work. With the long hours we spend in repetitive movements, that adds up to a lot of neck and back tension.  Massage can help get your body back on track by relaxing those tight and sore muscles and helping restore the body’s natural positioning.  In this way massage also helps improve body alignment and posture.

 Massage Improves Circulation

Poor circulation results in swelling of the joints in the extremities and in the sensation of cold hands and cold feet. Regular massage helps because the hands on techniques moves blood through the congested areas and allows new blood to flow in.  It also flushes lactic acid from the muscles and increases lymphatic activity to enhance body function.

 Relieves Headaches

Massage works two ways to relieve headaches. In its proactive role, regular massage helps maintain a healthy level of relaxation and stress relief to lessen the frequency of tension headaches.  Additionally, hands-on massage reduces the tension in the neck, shoulders and head to decrease the pain and discomfort your headaches so you are more comfortable.

 Supports Rehabilitation after Injury

 Following injury, rehabilitation can be a long, slow process.  Massage supports this process by relaxing muscles and improving circulation to increase the supply of oxygen and nutrients to injured tissue.  Both create greater flexibility within muscle tissue and support healing. Regular massage also helps with pain management. 


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