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What's in a Handshake?

There is a bit of a background needed, so to fill you in...   Nine weeks ago, I slipped on ice and fell on my outstretched right arm causing a serious fracture called a Colles fracture.  Not only had I broken the wrist bones, I had shattered them.  Despite my hesitation, surgery was the only safe, option.

Two weeks after surgery, the slab cast was replaced by a brace. The surgeon was skeptical about my plans to treat the fracture with laser therapy.  What harm could light do? Following a consult with the physiotherapist, at Avalon Laser Health, I learned safe ways to gently mobilize the joint, and attended laser therapy sessions two-three times weekly.

The post-op consult was booked 4 weeks later.  After the x-ray to check the set of the bones, I was waiting in the treatment room for the surgeon pondering my fate. How many more weeks of physiotherapy would be required before my life was back to normal. The healing time for a distal radius fracture is approximately one year. Although I knew I was responding well to treatment; how much longer could it be?

Imagine my surprise when the surgeon came in and shook my “broken” arm. He said, “ Congratulations ! Throw away the brace. Your bone healing is months ahead of the norm. You’ve made me a believer (in laser therapy)!  No further treatment required!  Please check back in three months.” 

I learned later that bone healing shows up on an x-ray as calcification months after the bone has healed. The surgeon had seen the results of healing with laser therapy even before he shook my hand. The two photos show the broken right wrist the day the slab cast came off and four weeks later when I was free to go.  What is in a handshake? I like to think confidence, belief and the path back to active living.

From the work I do at here in the Clinic, I know that laser heals. To experience it first-hand in such an spectacular manner; that is rewarding!  I know from personal experience, anytime you are looking for accelerated healing for a new injury or to re-start healing for an old injury, laser therapy is definitely the way to go!




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